Updated 2018-05-24T07:11:28

Vertical Intelligence Cookies

To function properly, like most online applications, Vertical Intelligence stores first-party cookies on your visitor’s browser. This is needed to display the correct and relevent content to your visitors.

Visitors with Disabled Cookies

Users who have cookies disabled will not receive a tailored ad experience from Vertical Intelligence. This will directly effect the quality of the ads content.

Cookies that Vertical Intelligence stores on your visitor’s browser which expire automatically after 30 days:

Cookie Name



(Where XXXX is one of our advertising partners). These cookies are unique identifiers each partner uses to tailor their ads. With out this, premium partners are unlikely to serve up content.


This cookie is set when a user opts out of our ads, via our opt-out widget. When this is set, all other cookies are cleared. The value is simply set to “1” and in doing so, prevents our applications from generating any new cookies.